Shown in the pictures are the following individuals:

Front Row: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Rube Slovin, Joe Smith, Harold Goldberg, Bob Kraft, Leon Goldfarb, Milton Goldfarb, Joe Feiniton, Lee Gordon, Sam Feldman, Marvin Ritter.
Second Row: Unknown, Unknown, Jacob [Yaacov Leib] Bergman, Dr. Cagart Delagator, Unknown, Marvin Turk, Murry Levine, Mr. Lowenthal, Rabbi Eliezer Silver [Chief Rabbi of Cincinnati], Jacob Shiff, Alan Nagler, Unknown, Parshada Parsehaki.
Third Row: Chas Shear, Unknown, Art Citron, Unknown, Saul Skurow, Eli Smith, Irv Rachman, Unknown, Jack Roth, Unknown, Abe Ahrlich, Unknown, Unknown.
Fourth Row: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Jack Pywin, Ben Schilmester, Paul Kraus, Unknown, Sidney Peerless, Abe Zuber, Al Rothman.
Back Row: Lester Wolen, Unknown, Unknown, Morris Einhorn, Unknown, Harold Sable, Irv Metz