Boro Park News Newspaper dated November 2007

Selection from the newsletter:

Borough Park was started in 1887 under, the name Blythebourne. It was started by Electus Litchfeld and named after his estate in Long Island. It means Happy Home in Dutch. Our community gained additional strength in- 1897 when Ex Senator Reynolds also started a housing development. The two sections convinced the trains to go thru Borough Park when going to Coney Island. People loved the trees, the flowers and it was a big'attraction to people living on the lower east side. Dan Dube of Park Surgical 50th st. and New Utrecht remembers how his father came to Borough Park and loved it so well he bought a house on 48th St for $9,000.00. Religious houses of worship were erected and Borough Park grew quickly. By 1939 the community had established Public Schools and Yeshivas like Yeshiva Etz Chaim and Toras Emes and the first Orthodox Girls school, Shulamith. Not only first in Borough Park but in the United States. .There were beautiful large House of Worship of all ethnics and the YM YWHA served the community The Shomer Shabbos organization worked to get stores to close on Shabbos was active. A tremendous influx of Holocaust victims swelled the population. The community, grew on all sides and is still growing today. Manydevelopments have happened but now we want to celebrate our 120th Birthday and go forward. DINNER takes place DEC 16, 20007 at SARAH:SCHENIRER SEMINARY Auditorium - 4622 14th Avenue. Reception 6:00 p.m. and dinner is at 6:30 p.m. So make your reservation to come to the Birthday Dinner in the 120th year of the community. Call Jacque Friedman., Pres. BP Historical Society at **************. The evening is for couple $75.00 and $40.00 per single. Delicious chicken dinner will be served by Meisner's Glatt Kosher Catering -5410 New Utrecht Avenue. There is no ad book but you can be a sponsor. Thank you to Maimonides Medical Center, Bbro Park Community News and Medical Arts Pharmacy - 5504 13th Avenue - Sponsors. 

Identifer: CJF.2016.011.003


Donated by Jack Friedman on behalf of Boro Park Historical Society

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