Pinkas Hazahav (The Golden Ledger) of Cincinnati’s Orthodox Community

The city’s committee, union of orthodox congregations
Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Yeshiva was founded in 5675 (1915)
by the esteemed R’ A.Z. Shiff, and he called it Yeshivas Etz Chaim (Tree of Life) and he started learning Talmud there with students, and he is devoted to it heart and soul. And with almost self-sacrifice he has kept it up until now. Originally it was downtown, in the building of the Talmud Torah (Hebrew day school) on Hopkins and John Streets, and in the year 5678 (1918) he moved it to R’ Shachna’s Beth Tefillah (house of prayer) synagogue. And in the year 5680 (1920) to the large Yeshiva - Wesley. And in the year 5683 (1923) to the house of R’ Dovid Lipski. And then, through the Rabbis R’ A.Y.G. Lesser obm, and (to separate life from the living) Rabbi M. Hochstein, they purchased a building at 932 West Court. And after the passing of Rabbi Lesser, he moved it uptown to Beth Bnai Israel (the house of the sons of Israel) on Washington and Rockdale streets, and benches and teachers were added, a boys and girls school was also opened downtown in the building of Anshei Sholom (people of peace) Clark, and a girls school on Rockdale street. In the Yeshiva they study as such: three teachers, all are Torah scholars, two of which also study Talmud with the students, and one class with Tosfos. And this is besides for the school teachers. The Yeshiva is now being directed by Rabbi E. Silver. Its honorary president is R’ Shmuel Shur, who is devoted heart and soul. Vice President in R’ Chanoch Friedman, the Treasurer is Y. Diamond. And Mr. Shiff as always studies with the students for free, and is devoted to them with his soul and spirit. The Yeshiva has already graduated Torah-students that have studied in Yeshivas in N.Y. in Yeshiva University and in Chicago. And also in Yeshivas Mir - Poland. Its students are G-d fearing, religious and praise-worthy.

The name of the President in the year 5701 (1941) is Eliezer Lipski, the name of the Treasurer is Chaim Goldberg

The Yeshiva extends its thanks to Mr. Tzvi Hirsch Levin and his spouse.
A day school and preschool were added to the Yeshiva Etz Chaim (tree of life), as noted on page 65.

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