Pinkas Hazahav (The Golden Ledger) of Cincinnati’s Orthodox Community

Tiferes Zion (of Sfard Tradition) est. 1923

              It has a synagogue built on Bernath and Hickory streets and it does not have it’s own cemetery. The President is Moshe Shtulberg. The vice-preisdent is Ben Karp. The gabbaim are Mr. Becker and Mr. Weiner.

              In the year 1933 they chose for a president R.S. Brock; for vice-president Mr. Kahn; for treasruer Brashdasky; and for gabbaim R.A. Lipsky and D. Frankel.  Mr. Dovid Freeman was the leading gabbai.

              The president of the organization was Mrs. Shtulberg.

              Serving as Rav was R. Maharimel and the great rav R.E.Z (R. Eliezer Zilver (sic)) Shlit”a.

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