Pinkas Hazahav (The Golden Ledger) of Cincinnati’s Orthodox Community

Beis Hamedrash Hagadol

              Established in 1887 by the Bloch (?) Family. Reb Y.M. Berman, Y. Levy., and others, in the younr Cheider on 5 Central Street. In the year 1896 they bought a protestant church located at 718 Canyon Street for 8500 shekel **** and they remodeled it and made it into a synagogue. In 1920 they bought a baptist church on Wesley Street for 18,000 shekel. Mr. Weinberg was the president then and the shul had 200 members. Afterwards they tried to merge with Knesseth Israel however the match did not go well.

              The building on Wesley Street was sold to accommodate (?) those who had moved above the city. And with the money they built a beautiful cleansing house (a place to do the cleansing of the deceased) in the old cemetery which they owned. At that point they had less than 50 members and they prayed in a house located at 3221 Harvey St.

              The president is Mr. H. Levy. And those that acted in the presidential capacity from then was: Yaakov Levy; Max Levy; Mr. Berman; Mr. Hirshman.  And the (gabbais) were Mr. Jacobson and D. Lipsky.

              In 1920 the cemetery was purchased for $2100 and was 8 acres in size.

              In the role as Rabbi was the Rav and Gaon A.Y.G. Lesser of blessed memory. And now they have merged with the Vaad Hoir.

              In 1933 Mr. A.B. Weiss was chosen to be president.

****Throughout the Golden Ledger the author at some points refers to the currency as “shekalim” which can be interpreted as being a reference to money in general (as can be sometimes used in a Talmudic context).  At other points the author writes numbers with the general dollar sign ($). 

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