Pinkas Hazahav (The Golden Ledger) of Cincinnati’s Orthodox Community

                     Tiferes Israel Synagogue

              Walnut Hills was established in 1912 by Harry Black, L.Z. Cohen, and R.S. Schorr. R.Y. Greenberg bought a plot of land located at 2524 Olomus (Alamus??) n the year 1913 and built a synagogue there for 25,000 shekels.

              In the year 1915 they bought a cemetery in Price Hill. They have a connected library of more than 700 volumes.

              The president in the year 1931 was Mr. Mendelsohn and in the year 1932 Mr. L. Wartick. They have 75 members and a ladies auxiliary and Shalom Schorr is a member of the synagogue and he is a member of the Vaad Hoier.

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