Pinkas Hazahav (The Golden Ledger) of Cincinnati’s Orthodox Community

Cincinnati Talmud Torah 

              The Talmud Torah (elementary school) was established in 1887 and was renewed in the year 1899 in the Beth Tefilah synagogue by the dear H. Hirschman, M. Englander, R. Moshe Isaacs, M. Finegold, and Mr. N. Field. In the year 1893 they bought a building on Ber Street for $6250 and the building committee repaired it for 500 shekel. For 25 years the president, Moshe Isaacs donated 1000 shekel to it. In the year 1914 they chose for a president Mr. M. Levi; vice-president Mr. M. Manischevitz;  treasure S. Rosenberg; and secretary M. Hirschman and the Rav was the great and wise R. Lesser. To the president and the members was Mr. Hirschfield, S. Goldberg, P. Polsky, Hyman Zacks, A.Z. Tort, M. Zeff, Schmuel Schorr, M. Glick, Ephraim Zalman Schiff, S. Glass, A Englander, L. Weinberg, Dr. Laurie, A. Luria, A. Friedman and so they collected 15,000 shekel and bought for 30,000 shekel ad built on Hopkins Street and John. They left the base and they put up for sale the house for 50,000 shekel and the profits for 10,000 and more for the year. In the year 1927, to our dismay, we were found in an unstable position so they merged with the Chamber of School, the Bureau of Education. And so they left the authority of Orthodoxy. Also in the area of learning also the teachers did not have the “spirit of fear” (read: fear of G-d) settled in them. However, we should not let go because we still hope that it will return to the hands of the fearful, with G-d’s help.

Establishment of Agudath Israel of America in Cincinnati
              The Agudas Israel was established here in 1940. The president was R. Eliezer Zilver (sic); Mr. Y.L. [Yaacov Leib] Bergman, treasurer; the _____ Yehoshua Nachum Yarnavsky; the secretarys Menachem Mendel Alperin; Mr. Dov Eliyahu Hakohen Garden. At any gathering they begin with dispute and the learning of the daf yomi (daily page in the Talmud). There is also a section of young adults of Agudas Israel, builders of Agudas Israel and the work to maintain and build the city. 

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