Pinkas Hazahav (The Golden Ledger) of Cincinnati’s Orthodox Community

The esteemed Rov, Rabbi Eliezer Silver
Union of Rabbis, President

Aside for his genius in Torah and in deeds, a tremendous activist, he is also a child of renowned scholars and Jewish giants, generation after generation, which is known through the written lineage in his possession.

On his father’s side, the rabbi and scholar, chief rabbi of Dusat(?) R’ Bunim Tzemach son of rabbi and scholar, R’ Sholomo, grandson of the scholar R’ Bunim, chief rabbi of Slutsk, brother of the scholar R’ Gershon of Sklov, from the scholars of Lithuania, rabbis for 16 generations.
His uncles: Rabbi and scholar, R’ Yosef, chief rabbi of Krislava(?), father of rabbi and scholar R’ Gershon Rovinson, and father-in-law to scholar R’ Yitchok Tziyuni, chief rabbi of Rezitza, author of Olas Yitzchak, son of rabbi Naftoli, son of scholar R’ Dovid, chief rabbi of Lutzin. And rabbi Meir, chief rabbi of Petrovitz, and rabbi Moshe, chief rabbi of Krislava, his grandson, Rabbi Yehoshua Reuven of Shebesh, son of Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Brode of Zager. Brother-in-law of rabbi and scholar R’ Zelig Reuven Bengis, author of Lpalgus Reuven. His uncle from his grandmother’s side, sharp scholar R’ Shmuel Salant, chief rabbi of Jerusalem (may it speedily be rebuilt), who was renowned for his wisdom and greatness, and in whose wisdom kings reveled. Rabbi and scholar R’ Asher Nissan, chief rabbi of Birz, father of the world’s greatest prodigy, knows as the prodigy from Birz, who was taken at age 18. The author of Gan Naul, Tzofnas Paneach, Likutei Shoshanim, and Likutei Afikei, Yehuda son of Rabbi Leib of Mariopl, son or rabbi and scholar R’ Nochum, son of rabbi and scholar, the Kabbalist R’ Dovid. Rabbi and scholar R’ Leib Kahn, chief rabbi of Moscow, and along with the grandfather of our rabbi, rabbi and scholar R’ Nosson Nota, sons-in-law of the scholar R’ Shimon of Birz, who is known as R’ Shimo’le Kaidaner, son of scholar R’ Avraham. Brothers: rabbi and scholar R’ Shmuel, chief rabbi of Drua, and rabbi and chassid R’ Tzemach, father of the rabbi of Vidakli, grandfather of rabbi Moshe of Vidakli, and Rabbi and Tzaddik R’ Moshe, who is known R’ Moshe’le Krozer, of whom wonders are told. Brother-in-law of Rabbi Yudel, chief rabbi of Pakrai, and more than 20 generations of rabbis and scribes.

On his mother’s side, our rabbi is the grandson of the scholar R’ Abe’le of Zager, son of rabbi and scholar R’ Leib of Kratinga, who was a judge in the court of the scholar of Vilna, as printed in Aliyas Eliyahu, grandfather of the scholar, prodigy and Tzaddik R’ Elya Kratinger and rabbi Leib of Kratinga, known as Lipkin, rabbi of Vekshno(?), B”A(?) the renowned scholar R’

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