Pinkas Hazahav (The Golden Ledger) of Cincinnati’s Orthodox Community

Va’ad Ho’ir – union of orthodox communities
Cincinnati, Ohio

Yisroel Salanter, their families are filled with rabbis and people of dynasty. His uncle R’ Aizik, father of above-mentioned R’ Elye, was a son-in-law to the rabbi of Neishtadt, son of the scholar R’ Avrohom, brother to the aforementioned R’ Elye, who is known as the scholar of Vilna: Our rabbi’s mother is also a grandchild to the scholar R’ Mottel Yanshker, from the Katzenelenbogen family, son of Rabbi Sholom, chief rabbi of Yanishak, and farther back from a dynasty of giants and scholars, R’ Arye Leib Katzenelnbogen, chief rabbi of Brisk, brother of the scholar R’ Shaul Katzenelenbogen of Vilna, author of notes on the Talmud, sons of the scholar R’ Yosef Katzenelenbogen, chief rabbi of Brisk, grandsons of the scholar, master of Knesseth Yechezkel, among the grandchildren of the scholar Mahara”m Padwai, son-in-law to the son of Mahar”i Mintz, also among the grandchildren of the scholar R’ Meir Wohl, the rabbi of Brisk, and the great minister R’ Shaul Wohl, about whom there is a Jewish legend that one day he was the king of Poland, and he is in-laws with the Ram”a. In his family is also the scholar R’ Mohse Kramer and the scholar R’ Moshe Ravkash, author of Be’er Hagolah, and higher in holiness is a written lineage until heads of the Babylonian exile, who trace back to the kingdom of David. 
The rabbis uncles from his mother’s side, scholars and rabbis: rabbi Dovid Tevil Katzenelenbogen, rabbi of Subalk and Petersburg. Brother of rabbi Shimon Album of Chicago. And Rabbi Avrohom the son of the scholar R’ Yechiel Heller, author of Amudei Or, brother to the scholars R’ Yehoshua Heller and R’ Yisroel Heller, who are known as Jewish scholars. And the scholar R’ Yechiel was also a son-in-law to the rabbi’s aforementioned uncle, R’ Aizik. Among the rabbi’s family is also rabbi and scholar R’ Yoel Yitzchok Katzenelenbogen, and among his sons-in-law is the scholar R’ Mordechai of Brisk. Among his family is also the Dayan R’ Yehoshua of Zager, and hundreds of other rabbis and scholars from all generations. And many of them are already on record: the rabbi’s brother-in-law is the esteemed rabbi Yosef Berkowitz.

Our rabbi is also famous as an amazing expert in both Talmuds, among the world famous.

The Rebetzin is a granddaughter of the provider of Vilna, the brothers R’ Yaakov and R’ Sender Volk, from the Volk family of scholars. From the family of the scholarly brothers R’ Betzalel and R’ Shlomo of Vilna, who are world renowned for their books. Our rabbi’s son is the young rabbi, complete in Torah and knowledge, talented, an elitist, and a man of good character traits, R’ Dovid Leib, rabbi of Harrisburg, a place where our rabbi served close to 18 years. From the beginning of 5668 (1908) until mid-year 5685 (1925), before moving to Springfield, from where we brought him here as Rob in the year 5691 (1931):  Our rabbi studied in Dvinsk, Vilna, and Brisk. He served world scholars; R’ Meir Simcha of Dvinsk, R’ Chaim of Brisk, R’ Dovid of Karlin, and (to separate life from the living) R’ Chaim Ozer of Vilna: And he was known in Vilna as the prodigy from Kamai. He was very studious, he literally studied 18 hours a day, for many years, and when he came to America he was also very studious. And for many years he is the leader and president of the union of rabbis of America. May Hashem lengthen his days with us together.

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