Pinkas Hazahav (The Golden Ledger) of Cincinnati’s Orthodox Community

Va’ad Ho’ir – union of orthodox communities
Cincinnati, Ohio

The Va’ad Ho’ir for the union of orthodox communities of Cincinnati was established in 5691 (1931) and was strengthened by the scholar, chief rabbi Eliezer Silver (to long life). 10 synagogues partake and united in it: Beth Teffilah, Knesseth Israel, Ohav Shalom, the large Beis Midrash Tiferes Tzion, Anshei Shalom, Tiferes Israel, Yad Charutzim, Bnai Israel, the Covington Shul, and more. The president and founder was the contributor and achiever R’ Yehoshua Mordechai HaLevi Segal, obm. Before Rosh Hashanah 5692 (1931) they hired the president of the union of rabbis, the scholar rabbi E. Silver as Rov of the union of communities, during the reception of the Rov and his family, approximately 3,000 people, men and women, came out to greet him. Around 50 rabbis participated in the reception, and arranged a union of the rabbis meeting here in his honor, among them were: the scholars and rabbis R’ D.A. Lowenthal, R’ Chaim Fishel Epstein, R’ M.S. Zivitz, R’ Yisroel Rozenberg, R’ S.A. Katz, R’ Yosef Rozin, R’ C.B.Z. Natlowitz, R’ Y.L. Zeltzer, R’ Y. Oshiskin, R’ R. Moskin, Dr. Shraga Hakohen Rozenberg, R’ Y. Porat, R’ Y. Markus, R’ A.Y. Kardon, R’ C. Alswang, R’ Y. Small, R’ M. Schwartz, R’ M. Eckstein, R’ A. Teitelbaum, R’ Brenman, R’ Y.L. Greenwald, R’ M. Schiff, R’ S. Klibinski, R’ S. Zacks, R’ S. Vinagard, R’ M. Hirshprung, R’ Y.M. Silverman, R’ Y. Rakovski, R’ A.N. Mandelbaum, members from St. Louis, etc. etc.

Within a short period of time from the Rov’s arrival here, until now, good standards were implemented, and Kashrut procedure and oversight was established in slaughterhouses. The Shochets (slaughterers) and butchers are under strict supervision, a discerning eye is always overseeing, the eye of the chief rabbi. They expanded the Yeshiva and benches and teachers were added, they raised the honor of the of the orthodox, they united and partook in every good and positive thing in all establishments of the city, and to rectify anything that was missing. However, unfortunately to us all, a tragedy has occurred, for on Friday, the 5th of Adar I 5692 (1932), the president and founder, R’ Y.M. Segal, obm, suddenly passed away. A great honor was done for him when he passed, from all of the synagogues, an honor that almost no one has received here for many years now. May his soul be bound in the bind of life.

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