Pinkas Hazahav (The Golden Ledger) of Cincinnati’s Orthodox Community

Va’ad Ho’ir – union of orthodox communities
Cincinnati, Ohio

The president to replace him is an elegant man, from a special family, Mr. Aaron Issacs. The board members are: the esteemed Aaron Issacs, Shmuel Shur, Kalman Shneider of Knesseth Israel, Tuvia Jacobs, Shmuel Baan, Moshe Levinson from Beth Teffilah, Dovid Freiman, Niddleman, Greenstein from Ohav Shalom, Moshe Stulburg, Leizer Lipski, Toltz from Tiferes Tzion, Chanoch Freidman, Michaelson from Anshe Shalom, The Shochet Karmel H. Lowie, Jacobson, A. Malin from the large Beth Midrash, L. Wartick, Mendelson, Greenberg from Tiferes Israel, the Schocet Shimon Farber, Dovid Lipski, Sheinbaum from Bnai Israel, Fisher, Wolff from Yad Charutzim, Scharff from the Covington Shul. (unclear) helpers of the Va’ad Ho’ir, and were now replaced by S. Bruk from Tiferes Tzion, and Avrohom Binyomin Weiss from the large Beth Midrash. And in the last meeting it was decided to empower every orthodox institution in the city to send one representative to the Va’ad Ho’ir to be considered as a member of the Va’ad.

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