Pinkas Hazahav (The Golden Ledger) of Cincinnati’s Orthodox Community

Knesses Israel Shul

                The shul was established in 1925. In its early years not one man stood up amongst its members to be the head. The bimah was in the middle of the shul like it should be according to halacha and it has been this way since it’s inception. It’s leaders were (G-d) fearing. The scholars were many and there were scientists amongst its members. It is now the largest in Orthodox belief amongst the shuls. It dictates and espouses Orthodox Jewish ideas in the city and uplifts those who look to it (for spiritual direction).

                In it learns a “Chevreis Shas” and the wonders of Torah. There are two “Chevrei Mishnayos” and lots of minyanim (quorums) that pray one after the other in the morning and evening day after day.

                In the year 1926 after the passing of The Great Rabbi and leader of the Beis Din Rabbi Lesser, may his holy soul be blessed and after a year had passed from that date the shul took for itself (appointed) the great Rav, Rabbi [Chaim] Fishel Epstein. And with great beauty and glory they brought him to the city and he served there for a year and a half and when he left the people of the city recognized that his face was thankful and glorified.

                The first president was the G-d fearing individual who was well versed in Torah and who is known for having a good name and a being a wonderful person Rav M. A. Miller may he be blessed. Also, here the helper, in the realm of the president, is the fellow who is known for his righteousness and fear (of G-d) and who is known within the gates (of the city) is Mr. Manischevitz. After him the leader was Rav Y.M. Segal, may he be blessed who was the president of the vaad hoir and his merit should stand up for him because through his hands all the Orthodox shuls were gathered into one group by the name of the Vaad Hoir. All the shuls brought in the Great Rav and Scholar, President of the Agudath Harabonim Our Rav Our Scholar Rabbi Eliezer Silver and they “crowned” him the general Rav of the city Cincinnati. The president, Rav Segal, was taken suddenly and he went up to heaven, may his soul rest in the soul of the living (the scholarly) now the president for the shul he was the noble who was crowned with great attributes. from the third generation of the Rama family in Israel. There the family is known in the state (Israel) is Reb Tzvi Aharaon Isaacs the son of Avraham Isaacs the grandson of Reb Shachana Isaacs who is the father of the Isaacs family who is well known in the state (of Israel) amongst the (G-d) fearing and learned.

                The beautiful shul building is located on Washington and Rockdale.

                The committees of the shul: The Ladies Auxiliary which is dedicated with all heart and sould to the beautification and glory of the shul and they help with all good things and all should give thanks to them. The president of the Sisterhood is Mrs. Tenenbaum and the secretary is Mrs. Etta Shneider.

                The vice president of the shul was Mr. Moshe Vigransky. He was the person who built with his family the breathtakingly beautiful building that was on top of the cemetery of Knesses Israel in Price Hill with their own money in honor of their ancestors and family.

                The gabbai was the respected Shmuel Schor. The second gabbai was Betzalel Katz. The secretary was B. Nathan and the announcer was A. Friedman. The weekday gabbai was Mr. Stern and Mr. Silverblat who was also the gabbai for the “Chevrei Shas.” The secretary for the “Chevrei Shas” was ____ Krasni. The teacher (of the Chevrei Shas) was my Rebbe Danski. The teacher of the Mishnayos was my Rebbe Z.A. Shiff.

All should be blessed

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