Constitution of the Congregation Kneseth Israel - 1918 Version


1. The _____ shall be the "Minhag Ashkenaz Poland"

2. During the services the sexes must be separated. The auditorium occupied by women for services must be separated from the men's auditorium by a partition six ('6) feet high, or else situated in a gallery.

3. The "Bima" shall be at or near the center of the men's auditorium.

4. The "Hazon" (Cantor) and Rabbi of the Congregation shall be chosen at a general meeting of all the members.

5. The "Gabbi" and the "Vice Gabbi" who stand by the Torah, "Hazon" (Cantor) and "Bal Koreoh" shall be men who are not _____ and who command the respect of the community . Anyone officiating on a Sabbath must be one who is not ______.

6. The custom of some congregations which allow the body of a deceased person to be brought into the "Shull" shall not be permitted by this Congregation.

7. The "Shulchan Aruch" and the traditions of our Holy Religion shall be the sole guides and authority on all religious matters of this Congregation.

8. No amendments, changes or alterations in the foregoing Articles of the Constitution can be made unless by the unani-mous consent of the entire membership.

9. No deviation from the above Articles of the Constitution shall be permitted as long as there is one dissenting vote.

10. On Sunday following "Simchas Torah" the annual meeting of the general membership shall be held for the election of the following officers of the Congregation: President, Vice-Presi-dent, Secretary, Treasurer, and a Board of Trustees consisting of seven members; These officers to serve one year or until their successor shall be elected; Said officers to be vested with authority to uphold its Constitution and to transact all the business of the "K.K. Kneseth Israel Congregation." Officers violating any of the above proivisions of the Constitution during their term of office must resign. A special meeting of the members shall be immediately called to elect a successor to fill the vacancy.

Adopted at a special meeting of the entire membership held Sunday, June 23, 1918.


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