Agudas [Agudath] Israel of America and Canada - Second Annual Convention Booklet August 22 - 26, 1940

Welcome Great ones of Israel
Messengers among us are pivotal for Agudath Israel

Vaad Hoir Union of Congregations of Cincinnati
Vaad Hakashrus
Congregation Knesseth Israel
Congregation Ohav Shalom
Congregation Beth Tefilah
Congregation Agudath Israel of Newport
Congregation Heichel Israel of Covington
Congregation Yad Cherutzim  
Young Israel
Chevra Shas
 Congregation Agudath Israel B’nei Yaakov
Congregation Kehilos B’nei Israel
Congregation Tiferes Israel
Congregation New Hope
Congregation Beth Shalom
Congregation Beth Jacob
Yeshivas Eitz chaim

Identifer: CJF.2012.002.1719


Agudath Israel of America; Kneseth Israel Congregation of Cincinnati (Rabbi Silver’s shul)

Kneseth Israel Congregation Collection, Rabbi Jacob Lustig Collection

Convention Held in 1940 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  

Rabbi Eliezer Silver, an Eastern European-trained rabbi, established the first office of Agudath Israel in America during the 1930s, organizing its first conference in 1939. After the Holocaust, some prominent rabbis made their home in America who established amoetzes ("[supreme] council") and the movement began to grow rapidly with the rise of the yeshiva-based and Hasidic Orthodox communities.

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