Agudas [Agudath] Israel of America and Canada - Second Annual Convention Booklet August 22 - 26, 1940

Feast and welcome
Louise and Albert Kahn and all the men of the industry

May you rise up and succeed members of the Agudath Israel

Slaughterers of kosher animals Kahn and Sons
The Shochet R. Yitzchak Carmel
The Shochet R. Shimon Farber
The Shochet R. Y.A. Rotenberg
The Shochet R. M. RubensteinThe Shochet R. Yehoshua Nachum Yanovsky
The Shochet R. Menachem Halperin
The Shochet R. Yisrael Tarf
The Shochet Mr. Frankel
Mr. Lefkowitz

May it be Your will that the Divine presence is within any actions that you do our dear guests
Agudath Israel Cincinnati Chapter

Sam Zussman
 Asher Mehlon
Baruch Cohen
Will Mehlon

Identifer: CJF.2012.002.1719


Agudath Israel of America; Kneseth Israel Congregation of Cincinnati (Rabbi Silver’s shul)

Kneseth Israel Congregation Collection, Rabbi Jacob Lustig Collection

Convention Held in 1940 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  

Rabbi Eliezer Silver, an Eastern European-trained rabbi, established the first office of Agudath Israel in America during the 1930s, organizing its first conference in 1939. After the Holocaust, some prominent rabbis made their home in America who established amoetzes ("[supreme] council") and the movement began to grow rapidly with the rise of the yeshiva-based and Hasidic Orthodox communities.

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