Signed intaglio by Mikulas Kravjansky titled "Jerusalem Suite," 1982

Intaglio with copper inlays on paper titled "Jerusalem Suite".  In the bottom right hand corner is the signature of the artist, 1982. The intaglio is also stamped as an authentic work by Mikulas Kravjansky, and is numbered 20/190.

Identifer: CJF.2013.001.001


Paintings & Etchings; Jerusalem

Golf Manor Synagogue

Mikulas Kravjansky is internationally known artist, now living in Canada, Ontario. Kravjansky was in Czechoslovakia in 1928, where he also studied at the Academy of Muses Art. 

Kravjansky left Europe in 1968, where he has resided in Canada, Florida and California, where he had his own art publishing company, creating and printing limited editions of graphic art. 

Currently Kravjansky is residing in Canada, where, in his studio, he is painting pictures, writing poetry and cookbooks.

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