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Monique Maite Rothschild was born to Ernest and Hilda Rothschild in Bellac, France on November 12, 1940, while the two were fleeing Nazi persecution. Both natives of Germany, Ernest and Hilda met in Paris, France and were married on April 30, 1940. 
Monique was often sick with bronchitis during her first year of life, and Hilda struggled as well. Ernest was able to secure visas for the family, they traveled first across France to Spain and then mored the Navemar on August 6, 1941. The ship arrived at Ellis Island on September 12, 1941. The Rothschilds were lucky to have family in both New York and in Cincinnati, and chose to move to Cincinnati where their family helped them become independent.
Monique grew up in North Avondale, the Rothschilds were members of Rockdale Temple, and later moved to Hyde Park. Monique has been active in continuing her mother's legacy of Montessori education.
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