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Jane Miller (Julianne Bertha Goldberg) was born in Vienna, Austria on January 29, 1925. She had a happy childhood growing up with her older brother, Paul. Jane and Paul had a nanny who took care of them, as their parents were very social and their father traveled often for work. The family spoke German at home but Jane also learned French in school. The family lived in a Jewish neighborhood, and while Jane was expected to go to synagogue for school the family had a Christmas tree.

Jane does not remember experiencing antisemitism until after the Nazis took control of Austria. Jane does not remember her parents speaking about the Nazis but one day in September of 1938 her parents announced that they would be leaving the next day. The family illegally crossed the border to Czechoslovakia, where they were told to act drunk. The family stayed in Prague for a few months until reciving affidavits to come to the United States in March of 1939. Jane's brother, Paul, received his affidavit earlier and left before his sister, mother and father (in December of 1938). In April 1939, the family arrived in New York and later moved to Cleveland for a short time before returning to New York.

Jane later met and married Albert Miller, also a Holocaust survivor. The two made their home in Hamilton, OH were they had three boys and later five grandchildren.
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