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Paul Ornstein was born in Hungary. He met Anna Brünn, who would become his wife after the War, when he was a teenager. Paul was sent off to fight on the Eastern front. After escaping the front, in winter 1944-1945, Paul lived in a hiding place at the Swiss Consulate called the "Glass House." After the War he returned to Hungary where he was reunited with Anna Brünn and they were married in March of 1946.

After their marriage they escaped from Russian occupied Hungary into West Germany. Knowing that it would take a number of years before they would be able to immigrate to Palestine or the United States they both enrolled in medical school in Heidelberg where they both became psychiatrists. Paul and Anna came to the United States in the early 1950s. 

Dr. Ornstein has written on psychoanalytic psychotherapy, the interpretive process in psychoanalysis (many of these were jointly written with his wife Anna and on the topic of self psychology); he co-authored a book with Michael Balint on Focal Psychotherapy and edited and introduced the collection of Heinz Kohut's Selected Writings: The Search for the Self, Volumes I - IV.  Dr. Ornstein has nearly
one hundred scientific publications to his credit.  Both alone and with his wife, he has conducted over four hundred seminars and workshops in most major training centers in the United States and abroad; the latter included Argentina, Austria, Australia, Canada, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Holland, Israel, Italy, Indonesia (Bali & Yogyakarta) Norway, Peru, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey.

More information can be found on the Boston Psychoanalytic Society & Institute's website.
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