General Israel Orphans’ Home for Girls

Known as “Israel’s National Home for Girls”, it was started pre-1948 when Palestine was still a Turkish province and Rabbi David Weingarten was walking in Jerusalem when a typhoid epidemic was raging there.  He happened across a girl of about six leaning against a wall.  There were no more tears in her eyes, just an indescribable look of terror and bewilderment.  The girl had lost her father and mother; both had died a short while before and there was not a soul around to care for the child.  He took the child to his house and she became part of his family.  During the following days and weeks, people picked up more and two small rooms had to be rented.  In 1912 there was already a small building accommodating 50 orphan girls.         
Finally, in 1956, with the help of American friends, a new edifice was erected which now houses 500 girls - a model institution which provides warmth and loving care - physical and spiritual - from early childhood throughout the formative years until marriage.

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