Rabbi Eliezer Silver Photo Card

Translation from Yiddish:

Rabbi Eliezer Silver Rov in Harrisburg from 10th Kislev, 5668 (1908), founded: the Gemilas Chesed, the first Hebrew day school, the Chevra Shas, Instituted Talmud study with boys, for 8 years he ran the hospitality group, built the Mikvah(?), helped Tiferes Israel become the nicest Shul, ran relief the first years of the war sent more than 75 thousand abroad, helped ez”t, n”p, Mizrachi, held an enormous amount of court cases, delivered over 1,400 lectures and sermons, arranged the Zion State convention and rabbinic conferences in the city, made Harrisburg great in the land. Was treasurer and now president of the union of rabbis Vice in ez”t, in a committee by President Taft in 5672 (1912), visited Europe in 5674 (1914), moved to Springfield shu”p 5685 (1925).

Identifer: CJF-KI2012007


Pictures of Rabbi Silver

Kneseth Israel Congregation Collection

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