Norwood Jewish Orphanage Token


The Jewish Orphanage Norwood around Magen David with Mazel (in Hebrew) in center.

  • Norwood Jewish Orphanage Token
  • Norwood Jewish Orphanage Token

Identifer: CJF - RFC2013178


This token was issued in Bronze (27mm).
Norwood’s Patron is Her Majesty The Queen and its Patron of Children’s Services is Cherie Blair.  The Orphanage was founded in 1795 and moved to Norwood (South London) England in 1866. It was named the Jewish Orphanage in 1928 and closed in 1963.
During World War II, the children were evacuated to homes in Worthing and Hertford and the building was used by the London Fire Brigade as a training center. After the war, the number of children at the Orphanage started to decline as they became more integrated within the community. In 1956, the name was again changed to the Norwood Home for Jewish Children.

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