University of Cincinnati Hillel Foundation Archive Documents 1948 – 1949 Academic year

What sovereign right to declare war did we have when the Imperial War Council in Tokyo decided to attack Pearl Harbor? Scientists agree, and they are the men who should know, that because of the development of such devastative weapons as the atomic bomb, bacteriological warfare, rockets, our civilization would be destroyed in the event of a third world war!! This should make us work all the harder to bring about at least a limited world government to prevent war, which scientists also agree is our only hope in this very trying period. In a statement of guiding principles in 1937, the Central Conference of American Rabbis said the following: “It (Judaism) regards justice as the foundation of the well-being of nations and the condition of enduring peace. It urges organized international action for disarmament, collective security and world peace.” “The world has risked so much for war. Let it risk as much for peace.” These words terminated the resolutions on International relations of the Rabbinical Assembly of America in 1933. I would like to close on the same note and make a plea to you to do all you can, by word of mouth by the power of the pen, by the strength of spirit, and by unwavering determination to carry out the will of God. Shalom! Peace! – Ray Weiss
Rosalyn, dear Rosalyn, The Bible tells us this, that Adam showed his love for Eve, with a warm and tender kiss. Then, Rosalyn, sweet Rosalyn, come put your lips to mine, for Adam still adores his Eve, still finds her lips divine. – Sidney Silvian
Poor Mary, none too wary, I must tell her that her feller was a sinner, no beginner, in the way he would play on her affections. I will say she was gay once too often then she softened to his talkin’ during the walkin’ they would do. And his sighin’ was just tryin’ for the thing that would bring satisfaction and real action along the way. Poor Mary! None too wary, now the parson, Deacon Carson, (and the Rav) all the town, miles aroun’ know her doin’s and her ruin’s quite complete. But she’s sweet and I like her, what the hell! – Sidney Silvian
“In every generation” says the Passover Haggadah, “we should feel as if we too had left the slavery of Egypt with our ancestors . . . “ Let us feel this year as if we too were a part of Exodus 1949. Let us feel here as if our life or death were held in judgment by our brothers. UJA


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