Letter from I.M. Alter to Rabbi Eliezer Silver Seeking Assistance in Sending Food Packages to Starving Jewish Families in Poland


I.M. Alter
Importer of
Hebrew Books
180 Clinton Street
BH, Monday Beshalach, New York, 5701 (1941)
To the honor of my dearly beloved; the rabbi, the scholar and the esteemed, the famous, praiseworthy, etc. etc. Torah’s honor, our great rabbi Eliezer (to long life) Silver
After inquiring in his wellbeing
Attached to this letter I am sending his honor (uncertain) which I acquired from the grand Rebbe from Jerusalem, who asked of me to ask of his honor in his name, and for the aid of Torah, that you help him in any way possible, to send food packages to Poland, to his family who are literally stricken with hunger, may G-d save us, and it is not in my power to send them, even in a bind, though I do send them every 3 weeks, however the “the finger cannot satisfy…” they are, thank G-d, a large family who are G-d fearing and righteous, and it is unnecessary to describe to his honor their righteousness and greatness, because who knows and recognizes more than his honor, he also has many letters, some from Poland such as from the Rabbi of Kalish R’ Y. (to long life) and his family, and rabbi Yaakov Yair (to long life) Biderman, and rabbi Moshe Betzalel (to long life), the rebbe’s brother, and rabbi Nechemia Alter (to long life), and rabbi Yair (to long life) the Rebbe’s son, and the orphans(?) of rabbi Yitzchok Yair, obm, R’ Patche Alter (to long life) and R’ Leibel Alter (to long life), and R’ Noach (to long life) and R’ A.C. (to long life)
And the wife of rabbi Shlomo Yaskowitz, daughter of the Rebbe, and rabbi Bunim Levin (to long life), and R’ Simcha Rappaport (to long life) son-in-law to rabbi Yitzchok Meir Levin (to long life), and many more, where it is hard to enumerate them, each of which has a large family (Keniena Hora), also R’ Leibel Temkin (to long life), the son of the Rebbetzin, the Rebbe’s wife, from her first husband, whom obviously his honor knows Rabbi Dovid Temkin, obm, and my faith is strong that he will obviously do all that is in his power to hasten to their aid, more urgently than this it is incumbent upon me to send to Jersulaem, to the Rebbe and his family, every single month, and also with great difficulty.
With nothing more to expound upon, I will say ‘peace and blessing’.
(unclear) wishing farewell
Simcha Mordechai Goldman

Identifer: CJF.2012.002.1817


Vaad Hatzalah & WWII Rescue Efforts; Letters to and from Rabbi Silver

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