Letter Written to Rabbi Eliezer Silver from Rabbi Avrohom Moshe Babad, the Sunderland Rebbe for Funds for his Kollel

Translation of the Letter is as follows:
Monday night 1965
Abundant peace for the honor of the great man, the master of his people, the great gaon and well known uprooter of mountains [e.n. this is a phrase used in the Talmud / Gemara for a tremendous person], the one who repairs fences, the live man of many accomplishments, who is so great that you can’t even say all his praises Rabbi Eliezer Silver the head of the Bais Din of Cincinnati.
With honor and with close friendship I ask of you a plea: it is already a few years that it was established here a kollel of about 20 young men who are giants in Torah and they finished their standard quota of learning in different yeshivos in England and in Eretz Yisroel and they desire to continue their studies in Torah.  They are all loved and they toil in Torah for lots of hours.  They are the children of people in England and in Morocco and they are Talmidei Chochomim and they continue to learn with extreme dilligence.  They are all married and they have big families and they make do with very little.  Even the little that we give them costs us a lot of money per week.  We do not have any steady money coming in just the money that we collect from the supporters of Torah in this country and in other countries.  All of this is on the head the great rabbi Chanoch hakohen Ehrentrau who is the grandson of the rabbi of Mintchen.  Now Rabbi Shaul Kagan who was from the chosen Talmidim of Rabbi Ahron Kotler has donated his time to go overseas and to knock on the doors of people and to collect money to help us in our difficult situation.  Please I ask of your  honor [i.e. Rabbi Silver] to help Rabbi Kagan and help him collect as much money as possible.
My heart is certain that this is all extra because your honor knows the pain and the struggles of Talmidei Chachamim and I know how much you will take it personally.  May god help you should get the great zechus of helping great scholars and may you be blessed with all the great brochos and may god give you long life until the coming of the messiah.
Your friend Avrohom Moshe Babad the Rabbi of Sunderland


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