Agreement Written by Rabbi Eliezer Silver in 1942 Between Two Parties to Stop Their Personal Fight


We the undersigned, namely Stanley Bernstein and Max Peskin of 655 Prospect Place, Cincinnati, hereby take upon ourselves under full severity of the law, in accordance with Jewish law, to desist from attacking one another; to desist from attacking or insulting the wives and children of the other; to refrain from speaking coarsely and from slandering one another, but instead to live in harmony as neighbors, good folk, and Jews ought to live. We acknowledge that insult and slander is against Jewish and Torah law, and we accept from this day onward to guard ourselves against non-Jewish conduct toward one another.
We have given our binding word (lit. handshake) in acceptance of all of the above, in accordance with Torah law. And we affix our signatures below to affirm it.
Today, Monday evening (lit. eve of Tuesday) of the Torah portion of Shlach, 24 Sivan, 5702 (1942), here, City of Cincinnati.
This is all binding and affirmed.
Stanley Bernstein
Max Peskin
To affirm all of the above I hereby add my own signature, on the aforementioned day. This is all binding and affirmed.
Eliezer Silver

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