North Avondale Synagogue (Cincinnati, Ohio) Marble Memorial Plaque

“It shall be for you as a memorial before Me”
Malka, daughter of Nachum, in memory of her husband Aaron Pincus, son of Ovadia, who died on 16th of the first month of Adar 5679 (February 16,1919)

[Men, listed on the lefthand column]

Pesach son of Menachem Mendel Glassman died on 7th of Av 5682 (August 1, 1922)

Yitzhak Dov son of Shmuel Friedlander died on Shemini Atzeret 5668 (Sept 30, 1907)

Yosef Baruch son of Yisrael Kanter died on the 19th of Heshvan 5686 (Nov 6, 1925)

Avraham Abba son of Yeshaya Sher died on the 3rd of Adar 5686 (Feb 17, 1926)

[Women, listed on the righthand column]

Mina Loibinsky daughter of Jacob

Yocheved Finkelshtein daughter of Bezalel died on the 3rd of Adar I 5687 (Feb 5, 1927)

Moshka Kanter daughter of Ze’ev died on the 17th of Iyar 5685 (May 11, 1925)

Shprinsa Schneider daughter of Yosef Tsvi died on the 7th of Kislev 5688 (Dec 1, 1927)


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