Letter from New Hope Congregation to Family of Rabbi Eliezer Silver Upon His Death


February 18, 1968
The Family of
Rabbi El. Silver
1515 Section Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
Mrs, Pearl Silver and the family of the later Horav Eliezer Silver.
The President, the Board of Trustees and the members of the Congregation New Hope express to you sincere wishes of condolence on the passing of your beloved husband and father.
Even as you have received many expressions of consolation we of this congregation have the unique position of being one of the creations the Rab. Without his advice, encouragement and actual positive help in providing us with out finest place of worship, the difficulties in our coming into being, might have been insurmountable. Therefore we consider ourselves to belong to the mourners closet to him, as members of the family.

May the Omnipresent comfort you together with all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Rev. M. Rabenstein

Ernst Kahn

Mrs. Joseph Harman
Sisterhood President


Identifer: CJF-NH2014002


New Hope Congregation Collection

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