Article Regarding 1930 Semi-Annual Agudas HaRabonim (The Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada) Convention

November 28 1930


Seventy rabbis attending the semi-annual convention of the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of North America here unanimously endorsed a resolution vigorously protesting against the British government for having changed its Palestine policy. The resolution said in part that “no colonial secretaries and no premiers can take Palestine away from the Jews. The Holy Land was promised us by the Almighty and we fear nobody. We are not discouraged and will fight for our land.”

Earlier in the session Rabbi Ephraim Epstein suggested the raising of a fund of $1,000,000 for the upkeep of Jewish theological schools and rabbinical colleges here and abroad. In his semi-annual presidential message, Rabbi Eliezer Silver urged the selection of capable leaders who would work for the sincere uplifting of Jewish traditions.

Traditional Judaism, Rabbi Silver said, is in danger owing to the lack of real leaders. He pointed out that the Union, heretofore active only in the Easter part of the country, will henceforth widen the scope of its work to include the West and the Middle West.

An outline of the Union’s work to put an end to racketeering in the kosher meet trade was given by Rabbi Z. Loeventhal, head of the Union’s kosher law committee.


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Article from the â€‹Chicago Sentinel

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