Synagogue Hannukiah


rom the Beth Hamedrash Hagadol Congregation, Cincinnati, Ohio (Bond Hill Synagogue)
This Chanukah menorah bears an inscription memorializing Joseph and Fruma Pauline Scheer (1849-1920).  At the top of the shaft, under the center light, there is a Star of David.  The menorah is cast, the decorations cast and appliquéd.  The star was cast separately and bolted into place.
The menorah is made out of Nickel Plated Brass.

Identifer: CJF.2009.001.091


Beth Hamedrah Hagadol; Hanukah (the Festival of Lights); Items on Display

University of Cincinnati Hillel Collection

The menorah was donated to the University of Cincinnati Hillel Collection by Mrs. Frances Nidich and her husband, Louis in memory of Mrs. Nidich’s grandparents, Joseph and Fruma Pauline Scheer.  The menorah was dedicated by Norman M. and Margo Weiser in loving memory of their son, Jeffrey.  Norman Weiser is the great-grandson of Joseph and Fruma Scheer.

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