Article Regarding Last Card for Kosher Butchers – 5.29.1910

May 29 1910

Being Played by Kosher Butchers, Who Seek to Buy Stock on Cooperative Plan.
At a meeting of the incorporators of the new co-operative butcher shop, known as the United Kosher Meat Company, in Nicholas Klein’s office yesterday afternoon, estimates from the wholesale slaughter houses were considered. Word was received from the butchers to the effect that they had condescended to sell meat two cents cheaper. At yesterday’s meeting it was concluded that the new corporation would sell meat two cents cheaper than the butchers after their last reduction and still be able to realize a profit in spit of the fact that they will sell meat at cost price. The constitution and by-laws were drafted and the help hired. Among those applying for positions were two butchers who admitted that it would be folly to attempt running in opposition to the new concern. It was decided that no matter how many shares a shareholder had, he is entitled to only one vote, this preventing any of them from attempting to gain control after the business is established. The committee called on Rabbi Lesser yesterday morning in an effort to secure his services to stamp the kosher meals.
In spite of the fact that he was supposed to have been opposed to the strike he consented freely. Next Thursday the election of the officers will take place and the final arrangements will be completed. Within a week three butcher shops will be in operation, one on West Sixth street, one on Court, and the other on upper Central avenue. Within the next few days they hope to secure a lease on various locations.
The butchers are playing their last trump by attempting to buy shares in the proposed slaughterhouse which the strikers are promoting. They admit that this will be the only way in which the strikers are promoting. They admit that this will be the only way in which they will be able to continue business. However, all will open up within a week, when the new concern begins operations, which means that the strike will be called off and all picketing must cease.


Identifer: CJF-2014114


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