Article Regarding the Mizrachi Convention Held in Cincinnati - 4.26.1914

Article from the Cincinnati Enquirer

To Attend First Annual Convention of the Misrachi Zionists Societies of America
Leading orthodox rabbis from all over the United States are to attend the first annual convention of the Misrachi Zionist Societies of America, to be held at Memorial Hall, May 1-4.
The Misrachi is the orthodox branch of the Zionism movement, and has for its objective the observance of the orthodox Jewish religion, as well as the general object of Zionism, which is largely philanthropic; namely, the settlement of Jews from the lands where they are persecuted – Russia, Roumania &c-on Palestinian soil, where they would be trained as agriculturists and artisans.
Rabbi Meier Berlin, of Berlin, has been in this country for the past several months for the purpose of organizing these societies in America. His crowning success will be in this convention, the object of which is the bringing of all these societies into one federation.
The Misrachi Federation will work hand American Zionists, “whose headquarters is in New York City. About 150 delegates are expected. Rabbi Meier Berlin will be Chairman of the convention.
Members of the local Convention Committee are: Dr. Nathan Isaaacs, Chairman; M. Schiff, Vice Chariman: M. Manischewitz, Treasurer; H. Morganstern, Financial Secretary: A. Z. Schiff, Corresponding Secretary; Dr. L. H. Landman, Dr. R. W. Miller, David Greenberg, W. Gluck, A. Friedman, H. Katz and I. Bohn.
The program is as follows: Friday, May 1, 9 a. m., convention will be opened by Rabbi Lifschitz, of Cincinnati, An address of Welcome on behalf of the orthodox Jews of Cincinnati will be delivered by Rabbi Lesser, of this city. Address of welcome on behalf of the city will be delivered by Mayor Spiegel. Saturday morning and afternoon speeches will be delivered by the visiting rabbis at the various orthodox synagogues of this city.
Sunday, May 3, morning and afternoon business session will be held at the convention hall. Sunday night a meeting will take place at the Synagogue, corner of Eighth and Mound streets.
Monday, May 4, morning and afternoon business sessions at the hall, and Monday night a banquet at the Sterling Hotel will be given in honor of the delegates.


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