Article Regarding 1914 Opening of Bezalel Art Exposition Featuring Exhibit of Jewish Art from Palestine

Of Arts From Jerusalem
Will Be Opened at Union Central Life Insurance Building
Under Auspices of Thirty Jewish Organizations
Banquet and Other Social Entertainments Arranged in Honor of Visitors from Palestine.
Addresses will be made by Mayor Spiegel, the rabbis of the Cincinnati temples and other prominent citizens at the opening exercises of Bezalel Art Exposition at the Union Central Life Insurance Building Thursday. The entire ground floor of the skyscraper will be occupied by the exposition, which is to exhibit articles produced in the Bezalel School of Arts and Crafts in Jerusalem. The exposition will come to a close March 11.
The committee in charge is composed of representatives from more than 30 Jewish organizations. The officers follow: Dr. R. W. Miller, Chairman; Mrs. Sigmar Stark, First vice chairman; Mrs. A. Rheinstrom, Second Vice Chairman; Alfred M. Cohen, Treasurer; Rabbi Jacob Mieiziner, Secretary; I. Kadisevitz , Assistant Secretary.
A series of entertainments is being arranged and scheduled for the various afternoons and evenings of the Bezalal Exhibit. The council of Jewish Women has taken under its especial auspices Thursday afternoon, March 5; Ruth Lodge has decided upon Friday afternoon, March 6; the B’nai B’rith and the different temples and sisterhoods will take over special days on which they will act as hosts.
The children of the different Sabbath schools of the Jewish Settlement, as well as the Talmud Thora, will have their especial day.
Hours of Exhibit.
The exhibit will be open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. It will be closed from Friday 6 p.m. to Saturday 6 p.m., when the doors will open to the vast throng that is expected to fill its aisles until 11 p.m. The exhibit will be closed Friday evening and all day Sunday, March 8.  Arrangements are being made to entertain Prof. Schatz on that day. A banquet will be tendered in his honor Sunday night.
During the exposition Prof. Schatz, the director of the Bezalel School, with four traveling assistants from abroad, will show their rare works of art-beautiful Oriental rugs, distinctively Palestinian in design-rare embroidered laves, beautiful and useful objects in ---, hand-hammered copped objects, carved olive wood ornaments and carved ivories.
The Executive and principal committees are as follows:
Executive – Dr. David Phillipson, Dr. Louis Grosemann, Felix Kahn, William Ornstein, Rabbi Jacob Mielziner, Herman Katz, M. Glueck, Dr. G Deutsch, Sol L. Levi, Abe Bloch, Mrs. S. Stark, Mrs. Charles Moch, Mrs. J.W.  Fretberg, Mrs. Harry Sternberger, Mrs. A. Rheinstrom, Mrs. Ferd Phillips, Dr. Horis Bogen, Mrs. L. P. Ezekiel, Maivin Haas, Mrs. Freds Franklin, Miss Rose Grad, Mrs. J. Wilmersdorf, Rabbi A. G. J, Lesser, Rabbi S. Lipschitz, Miss Rutk Bohm, A. Simpson, M. Marks, Julius Samuels, Abe Friedman, N. T. Isaacs, A. Isaacs, Morse Miller, B. Manischewitz, Lee Ash, Sidney Pritz and Mrs. Adolph Klein.
Banquet – Dr. G. Deutsch, Chairman.
Advertising – Myer Lesser, Chairman.
Business Men’s Advisory – Felix Kahn, Chairman.
Hall and Decorations – Charles Wachtel, Chairman.
Ladies in Charge.
Ladies Auxiliary – Mrs. A Rheinstrom, Chairman; Mrs. J. Walter Frelberg, Mrs. Dr. Sigmar Stark, Mrs. Sophie Rets, Mrs. M. E. Moch, Mrs. Ell Winkler, Mrs. E. I. Heinsheimer, Mrs. Charles Moch, Mrs. Jonas Frenkel, Miss Jennie Mannheimer, Mrs. Jacob Block, Mrs. Laura Newburgh, Mrs. Harry Sternberger, Mrs. S. Heonig, Mrs. Louis W. Kahn, Mrs. Adolph Berman, Mrs. J. M. Kock, Mrs. J. A. Well, Mrs. Bertha Greenbaum, Mrs. Ferdinand Phillips, Mrs. Dora Strauss, Miss Julia Marx, Mrs. Dave Kauffman, Mrs. Leo Rauch, Miss Lenore Rauch, Miss Flora Unrich, Mrs. Alfred M. Cohen, Mrs. Dr. D. Phillipson, Mrs. Dr. Gotthard Deutsch, Mrs. Edmund Shields, Mrs. J. Greenfielder, Mrs. Sol Frank, Mrs. James Woit, Mrs. Dr. Henry Englander, Mrs. Sam Furst, Mrs. Oscar Goldsmith, Mrs. Charles Brunswick, Mrs. Leonard Weiler, Mrs. Hamburger, Mrs. Allan Davis, Mrs. Max Rosenberg, Mrs. Herman Kahn,  Mrs. Phillip Mincewsky, Mrs. M. Hirchman, Mrs. Dr. R. W, Miller, Mrs. Dr. Nathan T. Isaacz, Miss Minnie Tenenbaum, Miss Rebecca Isaacs, Miss Ruth Cohn, Mrs. J. Sivitz, Miss Belle Kluber, Miss Mae Mund, Miss Sara Levy, Miss Rhea Miller, Miss Beasie Ockrent, Miss Mildred Frankel, Miss Jean Price, Miss Rose Grad, Miss Dora Kohn, Miss Eva Landy, Miss Sarah Silverblatt, Miss Frieds Bischow, Miss Rae Brown, Miss Hannah Morganstern,  Miss B’anche Hart, Miss Jennie Friedman, Miss Fanny Cohn, Mrs. Samuel Ach, Mrs. Emil Poltack, Miss Rose Grad, Miss Miriam Kurtzman, Miss Frieda Franklin, Miss Ida Levitch, Miss Jessie Bogen, Miss Clara Lichtenstein, Miss Bettie Hexter, Miss Claire Handlay, Miss Bessie Wilmersdorf, Miss Bessie Scinsheimer, Mrs. Clarence Mack, Mrs. L. P. Ezekiel, Mrs. Adolph Kleim, and Miss Molly Segal.
Entertainment – Mrs. Charles Moch, Chairman; Miss Jennie Mannheimer, Mrs. L. P. Ezekiel, Mrs. Jonas Frenkel, Mrs. E. L. Heinsheimer, Mrs. Clarence Mack, Miss Bessie Scinsheimer, Mrs. Ben Lowenstein and Mrs. Laura Newburgh.
A joint meeting of the Executive, Ladies’ Auxiliary and Business Men’s Advisory Committee will be held this evening at the Rockdale Avenue Sabbath School Building.


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