Cincinnati Enquirer, "Rabbi's Trunk Revealed the Fact that He Had Much Money in the Bank," article 4/15/1910


Revealed that Fact That He Had Much Money in Bank.
According to the belief of the members of the Jewish congregation at Richmond and Mound streets, Rabbi Henry Hochberg, assistant rabbi at the temple, and chicken killer betimes for the orthodox, was not the victim of a real burglary Saturday night, but of an ecclesiastical “probe” committee instead. Just who formed the committee is not known and cannot be learned, but al all events the affair promises to create dissension among the members, or which there are said to be two factions, like Litvaks, who come from Poland, and the Jews from Russia, who are known as the Russische.” Rabbi Hochberg has charge of the latter, while Rabbi Sander Lifsitz looks after the former.
Rabbi Hochberg resides at No. 3 Convent place, and he reported to the police Sunday that burglars had entered his residence and carried away a trunk containing $130 in bills, two bank books, jewelry, loose diamonds, and clothing. While the police were working on the case two colored men returned the trunk dumping it in Hochberg’s back yard and leaving hastily. The rabbi said everything was just as it was when it was taken, with the exception of $13.
Joe Sevitch, who is in the faction opposed to Hochberg said: “I have no idea as to who took the trunk, but I do know that Dr. Hochberg was always asking for money, claiming that his family was in dire need. The trunk had bankbooks containing deposits of $1,000, which surprised us. Rabbi Lipsitz has been with us 17 years, and Hochberg has been trying to drive him out, naturally causing ill feeling.”
Dr. Hochberg gave his side of the affair as follows:
“The money deposited in the banks does not belong to me. It is the property of my wife’s brother, Nathan Cohen, who is a traveling man. My wife is ill and we have seven children, and time has dealt hard with us. As to who took my trunk, I don’t know. My oldest son works, but with his wages and my own our income is barely $10 per week. My salary is $200 per year, and I also make a little money killing chickens.”


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