New Hope Congregation Burial Society - Letter to Rabbi Rabenstein - 1982

May 30 1982

Identifer: CJF-NHCBS2013078


New Hope Congregation Collection, New Hope Congregation Burial Society (Chevra Kadisha) Collection

Text of a letter to Rabbi Manfred Rabenstein dated 5.30.1982 from:

Ralph W. Colwyn 3901 Joanne Drive Glenview, Illinois 60025

Dear Rabbi Rabenstein, 5.30.1982

Some time ago I received an undated letter from somebody who seems to be connected with your Congregation or Cemetary although he did not explain his credentials. I could not decypher the signature either, I am therefore addressing this letter to you.

Since you knew my parents personally and were on friendly terms with them, I am surprised by your, and whoever was involved, attitude in trying to prevent moving my fathers remains in order to be buried side by side with my mother. My obvious reason for doing so is to enable me and my family to visit the graves more often. I know that my mother supported the Cemetary from time to time. I also know that my fathers body was embalmed at the time, according what Mr. Kugelman told me. I make this point in order to say that all religious laws are not always adhered to to the letter.

I belong to Congregation Beth Schalom here in Northbrook, Ill. whose Rabbi Carl Wolkin informed me that he sees no reason not to conform to my request.

I hope this matter can be settled amicably. It was originally my intention to donate the two plots to the Cemetary. Failing your cooperation, I would donate them to any needy family, but I intend to see to it that my father is buried here.

Yours sincerely
/s/ Ralph W. Colwyn

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