Every Friday, "Rabbi Eliezer Silver at Eighty," article from 2/12/1960


Rabbi Eliezer Silver at Eighty
The world of Torah Judaism, especially the Talmudic world, has taken note of the fact that Rabbi Eliezer Silver is entering the 80th year of his life, and declared the year as a Rabbi Silver Jubilee Year in recognition of Rabbi Silver’s achievements in the field of Torah and Torah Judaism. Also as the year marking the publication of his first book…. Most of us in Cincinnati have learned to appreciate and admire Rabbi Silver’s youthfulness and physical stamina at the advanced age of 80, but the learned rabbis of the traditional Jewish community admire and venerate him as a spiritual and Torah giant, towering far above those who approach him closest…
“REB SH’MUEL” SCHMIDT, Every Friday, Cincinnati


Identifer: CJF-2014135


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