Article Entitled "Hebrew Scholars Leave Shanghai" Regarding European Jewish Refugees Leaving China in 1946 for North America


Hebrew Scholars Leave Shanghai

95 refugee Hebrew scholars sailed from Shanghai on the S. S. General Meigs, reports VAAD HATZALA, 132 Nassau St., New York City, the major Jewish organization concerned with religious rehabilitation. They are due to arrive in San Francisco July 15. 58 of the incoming scholars are scheduled to go to Canada.

This is the first large group to emigrate of the 500 Hebrew scholars maintained in Shanghai by VAAD HATZALA all through the war. They originally fled from Hebrew Seminaries in Poland when Hitler invaded that country. Their destination was Kobe, Japan. When the United States entered the war in 1941, they were transferred from Kobe to Shanghai where they established branches of the Polish Yeshivoths (Theological Seminaries) and remained in Shanghai until they were liberated by the American troops.

Identifer: CJF-2014137


Vaad Hatzalah & WWII Rescue Efforts; Liberation and Aftermath

From the Southern Israelite, 7/12/1946

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