New Hope Congregation - Letter to Rabbi Rabenstein from the Cincinnati Jewish Community Center regarding its 0.A.S.S.S (Older Adult Supportive Services) program - 1981

March 9 1981

Text of letter from the Jewish Community Center to Rabbi Manfred Rabenstein:
"Your Center is for Everyone" • Jewish Community Center • 1580 Summit Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45237

GARY M. SCHREIBER Executive Director
March 9, 1981

Dear Rabbi Rabenstein:

I would like to take this opportunity to bring the 0.A.S.S.S (Older Adult Supportive Services) program at the Jewish Community Center to your attention. The function of OASSS is to prevent or delay institutionalization for the Jewish elderly by providing supportive services in their home. When a family member Cr friend becomes ill or must deal with the transition from hospital to home it can be very difficult. Knowing where to go, who to call, and what is needed is frustrating. If OASSS is contacted we could help with the home care planning. We provide services such as hospital discharge planning, home care planning, counseling and follow-up visits. You may have contacts with the elderly from your congregation. If you have members who would benefit from our services, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your interest. Sincerely,

Judith Vangrov Kelman, MPH Supervisor, OASSS

Affiliated with Jewish Federation of Cincinnati • National Jewish Welfare Board • Community Chest and Council

The letterhead provides that the following were officers and directors of the JCC in 1981:

President A. J. Randman
Vice-President Milton Thurman, Jr.
Vice-President Bill E. Katz
Vice-President Mrs. Ned Schwartz
Secretary Mrs. Alan Hornstein
Financial Secretary Harry S. Sudman
Treasurer Jeffrey L. Lazarus, Jr.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Steven M. Adams; David J. Alex; Louis S. Beck; Stanley L. Better; Mrs. Tom Carsch; Narvin I. Emden; Mrs. Wm. B. Enneking; Mrs. Sam Evans; Albert R. Fingerman; Mrs. Stanley Fisher; Mrs. Isadore Fox; Dr. Sanford Franklin; Mrs. Daniel P. Franklyn; Robert V. Goldstein; Stanley I. Grad; David S. Kahn; Bill Kaiser; David L. Kaplan; Richard L. Katz; Mrs. Samuel Kaufman; Mrs. Bradley Lemberg; Gerald M. Lerer; Albert Metz; Mrs. Glenn Michaelson; Donald N. Miller; Mrs. Ira Moskowitz; Mrs. David Newman; Gary A. Nicolay; Tom H. Ohren; Kenneth E. Peller; Mrs. Jack Rubenstein; Carl B. Schwartz; Marty Sherman; Paul L. Silverglade; Ivan J. Silverman; David Spitzberg; Ralph A. Weil; Morris Wiener; Jay Wittenbaum; Mike Youkilis

PAST PRESIDENTS Sigmund M. Cohen; Maurice W. Jacobs; Kartan M. Mailender; Mitchell S. Meyers; Joel S. Moskowitz; Ronald Rose; Charles Stix; Marvin L. Warner; Aaron M. Wiesen; Victor Youkilis; David J. Young

HONORARY BOARD MEMBERS Honorary President Herman Petricoff; Honorary Treasurer Troy Kaichen; Henry C. Segal; Randolph Trager; Mrs. I. Mark Zeligs;

EX OFFICIO Dr. Lee S. Rosenberg


Identifer: CJF-NH2013009


New Hope Congregation Collection

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