Ark Lions with Decalogue


Intricately carved pine, painted gold with other decorative colors.  Carved Hebrew date, 5652.  Large lions hold the decalogue and crown.

Identifer: CJF.2009.001.060


Ark / Aharon HaKodesh & Its Ornaments; Beth Tefillah Synagogue (aka Shachne Isaacs Synagogue or Shul); Items on Display

University of Cincinnati Hillel Collection

 The lions were found in a storage building (formerly the mortuary chapel) at the Beth Tefillah  (Schachne) cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio

They were donated to the University of Cincinnati Hillel Collection in 1990.

They were lent to a Stagecrafters production of “Cantorial” by Ira Levine in 1990, in an attempt to locate more information on their history.  Though the lions were found at the Schachne cemetery, no evidence links them to either the Mound Street Temple or Beit Tefillah Synagogue.  

They were dedicated In Memory of Jack Katz, Brooklyn, NY by his wife, children and grandchldren.
References:   The American Israelite, “Stagecrafters Cantorial to Begin November 29th” November 22, 1990

The Cincinnati Enquirer, November 27, 1990


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