Birthplace of America & Israel Medal


The obverse of the medal shows the tower of Independence Hall. The legend reads: BIRTHPLACE OF AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE – 1776 PHILADELPHIA.  At the bottom of this side appears the FM monogram of the Franklin Mint.

  • Birthplace of America & Israel Medal
  • Birthplace of America & Israel Medal

Identifer: CJF-RFC2013333


The Sister Cities Plaza is dedicated to Philadelphia, and its two sister cities, Florence, Italy and Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Philadelphia and Tel-Aviv were officially paired as “sister cities” on April 23rd, 1969.  The pairing of Philadelphia and Tel-Aviv was particularly appropriate, as each city was the site of its respective nation’s Declaration of Independence.
To mark the occasion, on April 23rd, 1969, a medal was issued by the Franklin Mint, which has its headquarters just outside of Philadelphia.  The medal measures 39 millimeters and was designed by David Cornell.  

The edge of this medal has 280 reeds and a blank section at the top.  This blank section has hallmarks that indicate the metal, year of mintage, and P for proof.  All of these medals were struck in proof.  This medal was struck in various medals.  It was struck in platinum in an edition of two; in 22 carat gold, six; in sterling silver, 3300; and bronze 2800.  Each of the mayors of Philadelphia and Tel-Aviv were presented with one of the gold specimens.


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