Bio of Congregation Bene Yeshurun (Cincinnati, Ohio) from the American Jewish Year Book 1900 – 1901, 5661



Founded September 19, 1841.

Rabbi, Dr. Louis Grossman, 2212 Park Av.
President, Louis J. Goldman;
Vice President, Frederick Rauh;
Treasurer, B. Bettmann;
Secretary, Max B. May, Atlas Bank Building.
Trustees: Nathan Drucker, Jos. A. Friedlander, Jonas B. Frankel, Felix Kahn, Joseph May, Elias Moch, Albert Moch, Myer Oettinger, Jacob Ottenheimer, Emil Pollak, Charles Shohl.

Members and Seatholders, 357.
Income of last fiscal year, $20,000.
Congregation meets Sunday after Rosh Hashana.
Services: Friday, 5 p. m.; Saturday, 10 a. m.; daily services, 7 a.m., 6 pm.
Religious School (Talmid Yelodim Institute, which see): Saturday and Sunday mornings; pupils, 275; classes, 10; teachers, 9.

Cemetery, Walnut Hills.

Auxiliary Societies: Tuesday Evening Bible Class; Tuesday Afternoon Bible Class; Confirmation Club; Young Woman's Improvement Club.

Identifer: CJF-2000010


Isaac Mayer Wise Temple

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