Letter from the Orthodox Jewish Home for the Aged (Cincinnati, Ohio) Regarding Cemetery Plot at Kneseth Israel Cemetery - 1942


Orthodox Jewish Home for the Aged
Corner Maple and Knott Streets
Cincinnati, Ohio
Samuel Glass, President
Mrs. Chas. Albert, Frist Vice-President
Samuel Stillpass, Second Vice-President
Mrs. A Herschman, Treasurer and Financial Sec.
            535 Rockdale Ave.
Isaac Simon, Recording Secretary
Mr. M. Baum, Executive Director
Mrs. M Baum, Matron
May 14th, 1942
Kneseth Israel Congregation
Cor. Rockdale & Washington
Cincinnati, Ohio
Dr. David Kanter a resident of the above named Home, claims that he has paid, and you have reserved for him a cemetery lot, shrouds, taharah, Misaskim, Yerusalem earth and attending.
Will you please send us a letter stating and enumerating all the things mentioned by him, that the Cong. will furnish all this. Thank you kindly
Sincerely yours
Martin Baum
Exec. Director


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