Rabbi Moshe Blau Visit to Cincinnati, Ohio Advertising Poster

The following is the translation from the Yiddish:  

                        A scholar comes to town

One of the rarest personalities, a Jewish scholar, the Famous Jerusalemite and world renowned orthodox leader – renowned scholar

                             Rabbi Moshe Blau
Is coming here, to Cincinnati, and will be here for Pesach, G-d willing.

Rabbi Blau is the head of Agudath Israel in Israel. He will shed light on the situation in our holy land and the Jewish hope. It is worthwhile to hear him. A rare speaker, full of wisdom and words of Torah.

He will speak on the first day of Pesach
In Knesseth Israel Washington Shul, and in the Russian Shul, Burnet Ave.
And on the second day in the Forest Ave. Shul.
And in Congregation Bnai Israel, Harvey Avenue.

The Rov [Rabbi Eliezer Silver] will introduce him.

A reception is being arranged in honor of the guest Chol Hamoed Pesach.
The committee of Agudath Israel Cincinnati.


Identifer: CJF.2012.002.1559


Kneseth Israel Congregation Collection

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