Article Regarding Rabbi Eleizer Silver's 75th Birthday Celebration Sponsored by Agudath Israel of America in 1956


From The Canadian Jewish Review
JANUARY 6, 1956
Over 1,000 To Honour Orthodox Rabbi
Over one thousand Orthodox leaders, rabbis and laymen, from Jewish communities throughout the United States, are expected to attend the 75th birthday celebration of Rabbi Eliezer Silver, of Cincinnati, Ohio, prominent rabbinic authority, which is being sponsored by Agudath Israel of America, on Sunday evening, February 6, at the Capitol Hotel, in New York.
Rabbi Eliezer Silver is a presidium member of the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada, and a member of the presidium of Agudath Israel of America. He is known nationally as one of Americas Jewry's most distinguished scholars and communal leaders. The dinner will also celebrate the 34th anniversary of Agudath Israel of America, of which Rabbi Silver is a co-founder.
A committee of well-known rabbinic and lay-leaders has been formed to sponsor this testimonial dinner, which will mark close to a half century of service and leader-ship by Rabbi Silver. Rabbi Silver is considered one of Orthodoxy's most dynamic spokesman, and has earned world-wide renown for Orthodox relief and rescue operations in war-ravaged Europe after World War II. Agudath Israel of America, is affiliated with the Agudath Israel World Organization, international movement of Orthodox Jews devoted to a religious approach based on Torah law in coping with Jewish problems in all lands and in Israel.

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