Takano from the Agudath Harabonim in 1955 Regarding the Still in Effect Issur from 1938 Regarding the Non-Kosher Status of Meat Produced in a Factory Where Treife is Produced

The text of the letter is as follows:

(SUITE 1221)
NEW YORK 38, N. Y.
RECTOR 2-2387
May 29, 1955
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Several decades ago the Agudath Harabonim issued an Issur (prohibition) on the so-called kosher departments of the treife factories. According to the Issur, if a factory of treife products has also a kosher department -even in separate quarters- at the factory or in proximity thereof, the products of the kosher department are also forbidden. In such a case supervision does not help.
We hereby inform the Jewish public that the said Issur is in in full force, and we urge our people to heed this prohibition in order to save themselves from the serious sin of treife. May all those who heed our warning be blessed.
Union of Orthodox Rabbis
of U.S. and Canada 


The original Takano was signed on Feb 17th, 1938.  

Some of the signatures: Rabbis Eliezer Silver, Chaim Fishel Epstein, Yehuda Leib Feder, D. M. Rabinowitz, Shmuel Katz, Zvi Chaim Papkin, Eliezer Pupko, Yehuda Halevi Kopstein, Yitzchok Hakohen Levin, Yekusiel L. Greenwald, Dov Aryeh Chit, S.Y. Levin, Yitzchok Moshe Zilberman, Shmuel Halperin, Y. S. Levitan, Zvi Yehuda Alshvang, Avrohom Iitzchok Kordon, Avrohom Regensburg, Refoel Mordechai Barishinsky, Yisroel Dishowitz, Moshe Binyomin Tomoshu, Yosef Feimer, Nison Tolushkin, Yosef Yehuda Brown, Mordechai Meir Silverman, Moshe Zvi Rabinowitz, Lipman Levin, Zvi Menachem Groibart, Shabsi Friedman,Issur Ginsburg, Yaakov Hakohen Meskin, S. M. Shapiro, Noson Rabinowitz, Eliezer Shonfeld, Zvi Hirsch Freedman, Chaim Bick, Yosef Adler, Yosef Avigdur Kasler, Ruvain Halevi Levovitz, Yeshua Moshe Merminsky, Yehuda Salanter, Shraga Leib Bril, Libir Marvit, Avrohom Matisyahu Hakohen, Dovid Kulik, Shlomo Ahron Kozarnavsky, Yehuda Hakohen Damasek, Shlomo Menachem Parzen, Avrohom Yitzchok Feivolson, Yeshaye Karlinsky

Identifer: CJF-2014032


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