Agudath Israel of America Organizational Summary from the 1940 American Jewish Yearbook


Agudas Israel of America, Inc.
Org. 1921. OFFICE: 55 W. 42nd (Room 712), New York City. Second Annual Convention, Aug. 22-26, 1940, Cincinnati, Ohio. Members, 27,000. PURPOSE: To act as an international religious organization for the assistance and maintenance of the spiritual life of the Orthodox Jew the world over. OFFICERS: Pres., Eliezer Silver, Cincinnati, 0.; Vice-Pres., Solomon Friedman, N. Y. C.; Solomon Hyman, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Sec., Joel Fink, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Chairman, Exec. Bd., 0. Baumel, Brooklyn, N. Y. PUBLICATION: The Jewish Voice.


Identifer: CJF-2015001


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