Letter from 1941 to Kneseth Israel Congregation (Cincinnati, Ohio) Regarding its Debt to the VAAD Hoier of Cincinnati


Rabbi Eliezer Silver
On checking over our books we find that your  congregation is indebted to the Vaad Hoier as follows:
For year 1938   $520.00
                1939    720.00
                1940    1,245.00
                1941 til July 1 830.00
In 1938 we waived payment of $500.00 which was credited to your account, leaving balance for that year of $520.00 instead of $1,020.00
From 1939 and after there was no further discussion about waiving any payments whatsoever.
We shall appreciate very much if you will give this matter your immediate attention.
Aaron L. Issacs
President of the Vaad Ho’ier

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