Sachsenhausen National Monument Plaque

A picture of the Monument at Sachsenhausen.  In the bottom center field is written “NATIONALE MAHN UND GEDENKSTATTE SACHSENHAUSEN”.
Issued in Bronze and Silvered Bronze


Identifer: CJF-RFC2015001


Sachsenhausen concentration camp

The Sachsenhausen Monument, known as the Memorial to Liberation, was designed by René Graetz and erected by the East German government in 1961.  The Sachsenhausen Monument is dedicated to the political prisoners who were held there, mainly Communists and Social Democrats who opposed Hitler's Fascist regime. The political prisoners wore an identification badge which was in the shape of a red triangle. All three sides of the Sachsenhausen monument are decorated with red triangles in honor of the political prisoners, to the exclusion of all the other categories of inmates which included Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, German criminals, asocials and the work-shy.

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