Letter from the B. Manischewitz Co. to Agudath "Achwa" [Agudat Ahvah], Talpioth, Jerusalem - 1928

October 16 1928

Identifer: CJF-RFC20153003


Agudat Ahvah ["Brotherhood Society"] was founded in 1895 in Jerusalem as a Jewish fraternal organization to provide fellowship and assistance to Jews throughout the world. The organization expanded rapidly and opened offices in Jaffa, Petaḥ-Tikvah, Safed, Haifa and Hebron, as well as international branches in Cairo, London, Manchester, New York, and Philadelphia.

Hebrew was the primary language of communication, even in the correspondence from offices in the diaspora.

The name of the organization appears on the stationery of its international branch offices in various forms, including Achva Society, Achwo Society, Agudath Achwa, Société Ahwe and United Brothers of America.

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