Acre - State Medal, 5725-1965

A stylized design of the city shows the Crusaders fortress facing the sea, a minaret and a cupola, a palm tree.  Above, toward left, an ancient Hebrew ship seems to be sailing out of the port, as pictured in the discoveries of Beit Shearim.  The name “Acre: appears on the top in Hebrew and beneath in English.

  • Acre - State Medal, 5725-1965
  • Acre - State Medal, 5725-1965
  • Acre - State Medal, 5725-1965
  • Acre - State Medal, 5725-1965

Identifer: CJF-RFC2015190


This medal was issued as part of the Historical Cities of Israel Medals which were issued by the Israel Government Coins & Medals Corporation to commemorate the Historical Cities of Israel.  They were issued from 1965-1966.  They were all issued in Silver and Yellow Bronze ( also known as tombac) with one medal struck in gold.
This medal is 45mm with a mintage of 7,032.
Acre is mentioned early in history as one of the cities captured by the Egyptian Pharoah, Tutan Khaman, in 1478 B.C.E.  The city was part of the area assigned to the tribe of Asher following the conquest by Joshua.  Alexander of Macedon passed through it in 333 B.C.E. thereafter Greeks began to dominate the population.  In the Mishnah and the Talmud, Acre is mentioned as a city with a sizable Jewish community.  The Byzantine Christianstians, taking over the land from the Romans, built splendid churches in Acre.  Jews continued to live in Acre during the Moslem conquest which began in 640 C.E.  When the Crusaders conquered Acre in 1104 C.E. some of the most famous contemporary Jews were living there, among them Nachmanides.  The city witnessed rapid growth during Turkish rule in the 17th century.  Its fortress withstood the Napoleonic siege in 1799.


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